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1st Trimester Survival Kit

The 1st trimester of pregnancy can be a difficult time for many women. Although there is certainly overflowing joy that accompanies those telltale pink lines, there's nothing quite like the sheer exhaustion of creating a human being. It can be lonely - especially if you spend hours on … [Read More...]


Dear O, 5 years old

"When I grow up, I'm going to be a writer like you," you say, peering seriously over your breakfast cereal. I believe you. At just turned five, you have a gift. To say you are a wordsmith would be an understatement. Your little snippets of prose are far beyond your years. You'll … [Read More...]


Tucson Festival of Books 2014

This past weekend, we attended the Tucson Festival of Books at the University of Arizona. As the fourth largest book festival in the United States, the event draws over 120,000 people and raised over $900,000 for literacy organizations in the first four years. With over 200 exhibitors … [Read More...]


a house with a name

We talk about moving. Daily now. Mostly, our conversations keep us right here in the city of our birth. This city is in our faces now - the mountains reflecting, the days of endless sunshine kissing our noses with freckles. Even after intensive travels, we can't quite get over the … [Read More...]


writing in a coffeeshop (a poem)

It seems poetic sitting there with a cup of bitter coffee perhaps a pastry in a paper bag but the barista is bold like seventh grade the man adjacent is talking loudly the doorbell jingles to signal a new customer someone says hello and I lose my line I pack up my cords to go … [Read More...]