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Senior Lady Holding Hands with Young Caretaker

When I Am Old

"When you are 99, you're still going to be running," my 8-year-old says to me out-of-the-blue before I head out for a 5 o'clock run. I nod my head, ponytail bobbing and eyes twinkling, yes. "If you get old and can't read anymore, I am going to come to your house and read you stories." … [Read More...]

age eight

Dear K, 8 Years Old

Dear K, Eight years ago today, I had no idea that I was about to die. As the contractions swept over my body and I gripped your daddy's hand, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted you. But it wasn't until you lay in my arms, bloodied and crying, small and perfect, that I … [Read More...]

1st day of school benediction

1st day of school benediction

As the first day of school approaches, these are the words I give you. May you have a heart of gratitude. When each class ends, I hope that you say thank you - to the teacher that encouraged you, the student that made you think, the volunteer that passed out the paper plates. I hope … [Read More...]

Tim and Steph forever front page

If I could make a living out of loving you, I’d be a millionaire in a week or two

Dear Tim, I just realized we've been together longer than we've been apart. I was sixteen when you surveyed that Algebra classroom and chose the seat next to mine. How could I have known that a blonde-haired boy would forever change the course of my life? But then again, you have … [Read More...]


the reason I’m glad we didn’t stop at two

I won't say that parenting was easy with two. Parenting is hard, whether you are rocking one bitty baby in your arms or managing the schedules of a flock of seven children. I will say, however, that we were surprisingly comfortable with two. We were baby wearers, organic eaters, and … [Read More...]